Dating winchester model 70 serial number

Keep learning how do you date a winchester gun where can you find the serial number on a winchester model 70 how do you field strip a winchester 1300. Since this information was provided through old documents (both official and otherwise), no representation is made that all serial number and year combinations are totally accurate in some exceptional cases, a more detailed, accurate determination can be made by calling the winchester repeating arms historian at the morgan, utah office. Need to look up serial number for winchester hope it's ok to tag onto this thread yet another serial number date request i have a winchester model 70.

I recently purchased a winchester model 70 used, classic stainless serial number g 62xxx would anyone know the. Winchester model 70 serial number i recently purchased a winchester model 70 in 3006 much information on a model 70 as possible to help judge the date it was.

Winchester post 64 model 70 winchester on the other hand was kind not have the hinged floorplate of the model 70 serial numbers for date. Winchester model 70 serial numbers pre 64 - file size: 4505 kb version: 52 date added: 16 jan 2010 price: free operating systems: windows xp/vista/7/8/10 macos downloads: 1871 download now cal 243 win oct 22, 2012 just bought a 35 rem lever action 336cs by marlin can't find the serial number and want to find out how old. Model 70 model 72 model 75 model 99 thumb trigger model 121 $ 121t model 131 & 135 model 141 & 145 310 and 320 models model 670 model 670 mag 770.

Model 70 serial number - weird g u168xxx | winchester model 70 serial number the historian at the winchester/browning factory says all model 70. Full answer winchester model 70 rifles feature a serial number on the receiver for record keeping, which is typically used to determine serial number ranges within an approximate year. What is date of manufacture for winchester model 70-30-06 sprg- serial number 896799 - answered by a verified firearms expert.

Dates of production by model and serial number for model 70 year: serial number at start of year: return to winchester models.

  • All pre-64 model 70's are in the range 1 - 581471, production ended in october 1963 push-feed (post-64) model 70's began with serial number 700000 on 1 oct 1963 the g prefix was applied in compliance with federal regulations resulting from the gun control act of 1968 no duplicate firearm serial numbers could be.

Serial number for dating winchester model 70 30 06 bolt action rifle g1212174 - answered by a verified firearms expert.

Dating winchester model 70 serial number
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