Winchester gun dating

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Date your model 70 and 94 winchester model 70 production dates cabela’s is offering special versions of the venerable winchester model 70 gun to celebrate. Winchester dates of manufacture - oldgunsnet winchester model 1894 (mod 94): covering numbers: 1 - 5103249 please enter a serial number and click the submit button. Winchester dates of manufacture winchester model 1894 (mod 94): covering numbers: 1 - 5103249 please enter a serial.

Winchester introduced the model 1200 in 1964, and they began using an l prefix on the serial numbers in 1968, so your gun predates that date.

Winchester rifles, also known as “the gun that won the west,” made their debut in america with the winchester model 1866 which served as. Winchester dates of manufacture lever action rifles henry rifles model 1866.

Cornell publications - find information about your gun based on its serial number.

Winchester firearms manufacturing dates by serial number and year 1866 through the early 1990s below is the download link for a special resource for dating winchester.

When was my gun made when was my gun made firearm dates by serial number updated on august 23, 2017 comes the winchester lookup tool. I just bought a winchester 101 with serial number k1902xx your gun dates from early november,1967 win 101 date of manufacture posted: tue mar. Cody firearms records office the cody firearms museum records office has rare access to select serial number records from winchester, marlin, and lc smith see below for more information, serial number ranges, and a video about the services offered by the firearms records office.

Winchester gun dating
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